Meeting clients and friends

An old client in Chengdu asked me to meet up to talk about something, so I bought a plane ticket and went. There was no hope and not much disappointment. Good things come in small packages, no rush.

Chengdu Tianfu Airport

On the second day, I went to Zhongjiang, Sichuan to meet a very familiar friend. We have been in touch by phone for almost 17 years, but we have never had the chance to meet each other, so this time I took the opportunity of going to Chengdu to go to my friend’s place. It was a very familiar feeling. Although I had not seen him before, there was no sense of strangeness.

On the bus to Zhongjiang, Sichuan

On the third day, I went to Xi’an to meet an old brother. At night the train sleeper home.

Xi’an Railway Station